SPRINGER Best Paper Award for ICSI 2017

From Resampling to Non-Resampling: A Fireworks Algorithm Based Framework for Solving Noisy Optimization Problems

JunQi Zhang1, ShanWen Zhu1, and MengChu Zhou 1,2

1 Tongji University, China

2 New Jersey Institute of Technology, NJ,USA


SPRINGER Best Student Paper Award for ICSI 2017

Cuckoo Search Algorithm Approach for the IFS Inverse Problem of 2D Binary Fractal Images

Javier Quirce1, Andr′es Iglesias1,2, and Akemi G′alvez1,2

1 University of Cantabria, Spain

2 Toho University, Japan


SPRINGER Best Special Session Paper Award for ICSI 2017

A Stigmergy Based Search Method for Swarm Robots

Qirong Tang1, Fangchao Yu1, Yuan Zhang1, Lu Ding1, and Peter Eberhard2

1 Tongji University, Shanghai, China

2 University of Stuttgart,Germany


Springer Best Paper Award for DMBD 2017

A Novel Diagnosis Method for SZ by Deep Neural Networks

Chen Qiao, Yan Shi, Bin Li, and Tai An

Xi'an Jiaotong University


Springer Student Paper Award for DMBD 2017

Mining Relationship between User Purposes and Product Features towards Purpose-Oriented Recommendation

Sopheaktra Yong, Yasuhito Asano

Kyoto University


Awards for Excellence in the Organizing Work and Services for ICSI-DMBD’2017


Mr. Jie LEE, Mr. Xiangyu LIU, and Mr. Jun YU


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